Thursday, June 2, 2011

ALL the butts.

Scene: nice restaurant, with my mom and sisterface.

Sisterface: All I’m saying about baggy clothes is if girls have to show off our humps guys should, too. I want to see the butt I’m getting.

Mom: Oh? And just how many butts have you been getting?

Sisterface: Well—

Me: Wait no no hold UP. Mom. Rude. Damn. Sisterface could get butts.

Mom: What? I’ve gotten zero butts.

Sisterface: To be honest, I’ve gotten zero butts.

Mom: And how many butts have YOU been getting?

Me: *angry glare* ALL OF THE BUTTS, Mom. ALL OF THEM.


  1. I enjoy this sentiment. I also enjoy the idea of you wearing an "ALL OF THE BUTTS" tee-shirt, while furtively glancing from one side to another.

  2. You know, that's a good point. I'm glad someone's making this argument, because chicks (minus MaryKate and Ashley Olsen) are all wearing their fitted stuff and men are all wearing their baggy stuff and it's simply not fair.