Friday, November 13, 2009

If this post was censored it'd just be one long 'beep'

You know, I never used to hate Friday the thirteenth's. Mostly because I'm not a superstitious asshole. Not calling all superstitious people assholes, except I am, because superstition is stupid.

Especially that one. A number isn't gonna kill you, bitches. Suck it up. But we still fail to have thirteenth floors and room number skip the dreaded one-three, so apparently the world needs to invest in a backbone. Right after we fix the economy.

What REALLY pisses me off is that the number can ruin a perfectly good Friday. Back in the day it was an unlucky day (thus, FRIDAY the thirteenth) but right now it is the day where you're like fuck yeah, it's the weekend, and the afternoon is like more time off. It's an amazing day and thirteen just pissed all over it. Especially since back in high school I had to listen to all the fuckwads talk about how thirteen is actually their lucky number because of course nobody else has ever thought of that ever, whore.

I don't fall for superstition. I couldn't care less about walking under ladders unless they look old and someone's on them, I don't break mirrors cuz that shit is expensive and hard to clean up, and I've owned (and currently own) black cats, which have been the best cats I've owned. Mostly. On Friday 13th I couldn't care less, just went around my business. I usually wouldn't notice, though, until someone went "LOL IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH." It was really just another day. Nothing bad happened to me on them, ever.

Today, actually, was alright. I talked with a boy who wasn't doing his work in the school project and got him to grow a pair for almost five minutes, some of the kids were pretty cool, last night I went clubbing and I only overslept a little this morning, and I just had a delicious popsicle. But it was a sucky day.

Mostly because this year, on a Friday the 13th, my dad died.

So quite frankly little Miss Bitch could just shut the fuck UP about being tired from being on the wrestling team and he can't plant flowers because that's GIRL'S work, his life is SO HARD. Jesus. If whining was electricity I'd be RICH.

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